CBD For Pain Relief

Living with chronic pain isn’t easy. If anything, it is an excruciating experience which lowers productivity, affects stress levels and makes the most banal tasks seem herculean. Although the modern lifestyle is much to blame for the soaring numbers of chronic pain cases across the world, our ancestors were no strangers to the occasional aches and pains in their lives.

In fact, they went as far as scouring the wilderness for a natural remedy.

One of the first recorded uses of cannabis oil and CBD was for rheumatism, also known as arthritis.


What is Full Spectrum CBD?

CBD is a type of cannabinoid found in the flower of the cannabis plant. It is a non-euphoriant, which means that it will not cause the “high” feeling often linked with cannabis. That feeling is caused by THC, which is an entirely different kind of cannabinoid. Both these compounds have a plethora of medical benefits including properties that help with anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

Full spectrum oils contain all the natural therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant including CBD and THC.

Both CBD Isolate (Pure CBD) and CBD Full-Spectrum possess therapeutic properties and help relieve pain in the body. Full-Spectrum is a more viable choice as it causes an ‘entourage effect’ – A theory that suggests that when all therapeutic compounds found in cannabis are consumed together, they work far better than when taken individually.


How does it help with pain relief?

Our bodies have something called cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) that help control different aspects of our nervous and immune systems. These receptors are responsible for how we feel pain. Both CBD Isolate and Full spectrum CBD contain natural compounds called cannabinoids. When these cannabinoids are introduced into our bodies, they look for the receptors, bind with them and alter the way the receptors work, thereby calming down the pain signals. Let’s look at a few ailments that cause pain and how CBD oil can help.

Migraines and Headaches: A migraine can last up to 72 hours. It can have a negative impact on our mood, productivity levels and social plans. Simple things such as loud noises or bright lights can trigger a migraine. While there are pharmaceutical drugs available, if you’re looking for something natural to get relief from migraines and headaches then CBD is the way to go.

Arthritis and Inflammation: Studies show that CBD oil can greatly help arthritis patients cope with pain. CBD is 100% natural and doesn’t work like other anti-inflammatory drugs by inhibiting COX-1 and COX-2 receptors. As a result, your body will not develop gastrointestinal ulcers or experience other unwanted side-effects. Moreover, it not only works on the site of the inflammation (such as your knee joints) but also on the central nervous system, which sends pain signals to the brain when it spots damage to the cells and nerves. It’s ability to calm that response is what makes it a suitable treatment option for arthritis.

Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS) that affects nearly 2.3 million people worldwide. The symptoms of MS include pain, muscle spasticity, fatigue, inflammation and depression. Full-Spectrum oils possess anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective properties that make them a viable treatment option for MS. Studies reveal that CBD helps reduce fatigue, and improves mobility in people with MS with no noted side-effects.

Joint & Muscle Pain: If you’re someone who likes to hit the gym often, there’s a strong possibility that after an intense workout your muscles feel tight and sore. Inflammation is the real reason why you experience muscle soreness and pain, and that can last anywhere from 12-72 hours after working out. CBD is a natural remedy to help ease aches and strains. It can be used pre-workout and post-workout. As a result, it not only helps relax your muscles during the workout but also reduces cramps and discomfort after the workout.

Menstrual Pain: If you’re familiar with period cramps, you might be trying to figure out how to stop or relieve menstrual pain. Most women turn to Ibuprofen or NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) which may cause unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects. CBD on the other hand is a natural anti-inflammatory healing agent that can help with contractions and pain.

Cannabis is one of the five essential plants mentioned in the Vedas, along with Neem & Tulsi. In Ayurveda, it was used to alleviate pain, improve memory, reduce insomnia and serve as a sacred plant with innumerable therapeutic properties. Sadly, the plant has been infamous in India over the past few decades.

Don’t you think it’s time to look back at our shared history to heal from our shared pain - especially when it is the very future of healing?

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