Muscle and Joint Pain Rub Oil

Rs. 549
This remedy is most effective in reducing inflammation and relieving symptomatic muscle and joint pain.

Rich in CBD content, Wholeleaf Muscle and Joint Pain Rub oil contains high quality cannabis leaf extract combined with ayurvedic super-herbs that amplify the extract’s anti-inflammatory, pain and stress relieving properties.


Pain Relief
The potent combination of the cannabis extract and ayurvedic super-herbs has an increased anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the body which helps soothe aching muscles and joints.

Relaxes Muscles & Aids Recovery
Contains natural herbs and cannabinoids with stress-relieving properties that help relax tense muscles and aid the body with faster recovery.

Lubricates Joints and Reduces Stiffness The sesame oil present in this remedy is considered to be the best carrier oil that helps deliver the cannabinoids and other herbs deep into the body, ultimately strengthening and lubricating the bones.

Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
Gentle massaging of this oil helps increase the blood circulation in the affected areas thereby reducing the inflammation levels.

Pain Relieving
Fast Absorption
Long lasting

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